Their faces were frozen in pale twisted horror sitting atop their decaying flesh torn bodies. Their teeth shown through their purple bruised lips and their rotting gums revealed the bone beneath. They had been bound to this existence for eternity unable to die again. It was his will that they would walk this earth among those they once loved haunting them until they too would sleep. Doomed to an everlasting darkness they spent each afternoon in hiding waiting to do their master’s bidding by the light of the moon. Invading the homes of those they once spent their living lives with they would share their horrific visage with the ones they used to love always knowing they were trapped as monstrous warped souls.

Brooklyn’s Caged Animals have recently released a new digital 7″ through the acts Bandcamp and as with the last release All My Friends the two tracks featured share a common theme. This theme however is a darker toned pair of songs Warped Souls and Looking For The Symptoms. The first being a slow hand clap tinged pulsing track with an addictive vocal line and the b-side has a classic dancing in the dark sound with quick snare taps and an ominous deep tone that rears its head throughout. The two-track 7″ is available now here and here is a sample of Warped Souls to pique your interest. Do yourself and give a listen to the previous S/T album and the All My Friends digital 7″ as well while you are there.

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