It was cool and dark that summer night we all went out into the street as kids ready for the big race. I was an extremely agile child but it was going to be my cocky attitude that would get the best of me once the sprint began. Being later in the evening the street was dark and as we rushed up the block in competitive fashion I wouldn’t have time to spot whatever object had taken me out. All I can remember was the fall and the sudden sharp pains that I had in both knees after sliding on the across the asphalt. I couldn’t believe how much they burned as they grated against those tiny sharp stones quickly turning my knees into a mess resembling ground beef. I suppose for all of my gloating I deserved to have my turn to join the bleeding knees club.

Somehow the release of the Bleeding Knees Club’s debut EP Virginity managed to escape my radar last month. This short solid blast of a garage rock EP will have you moving and shaking from start to finish. The pair of Alex Wall & Jordan Malane have managed to create a catchy upbeat debut full of old school guitar riffs and bang boom drums. This is gritty lo-fi rock n’ roll hiding well packaged smart lyrical pop from the opener Bad Guys sing along chorus to the teenage angst fueled closer Teenage Girls the EP never loses any of its energy. You can both stream and purchase the digital version of this debut here on the Bleeding Knees Club Bandcamp and here is a sample of the EP.

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