I’m holding your hand tight and we are gliding beneath the waves. Our bodies are like one as our large fins propel us through the dark clear water. Schools of fish move together parting to let us by then coming back together to create their large family masses. They seem disturbed and afraid as if some ominous force was bearing down on them and shortly after they passed we realized why. The sharks began to gather slowly moving into position one by one to surround and contain the school. They rounded the smaller fish into one large trapped group and started to take them all one by one. As the water changed to a dark crimson I could feel my eyes flutter and found myself waking up afraid and relieved to find that I was only dreaming.

Seapony recently added their latest 7″ Dreaming to stream up on Bandcamp which will also be released on vinyl November 15th through Double Denim Records. The Dreaming single itself is a fine crafted upbeat indie pop gem with a very classic sound and catchy lyrical verses being layered over an addictive guitar riff. The 7″ also features two b-sides, those being the percussive rocker So Low and laid back slow burner Late Summer. You can currently pre-order the 7″ here and as the press is limited to 300 you should get on these fast as it is bound to sell out as word spreads also for a limited time you can bundle both this and Double Denim’s previous Blackbird Blackbird release. For a preview of the release here is the title track and to hear the rest of the release before you get those orders in head over to their Bandcamp to stream all three tracks as well as their previous S/T EP.

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