I’m no longer connected to this burgeoning world that surrounds me. After a few brief pops and subtle slow burning my way to respond to the outside world has been removed. I’m no longer surrounded by a vast amount of information that can invade each moment of my day and fill my head with all of those pleasures that I have sought out each and every day. I in fact have been taken out of the loop of those peers that share these similar interests to be cast out only to walk alone. I don’t believe myself to be completely homeless as I still am encased in multiple walls and a roof and still have a form of income, I have simply become wayward.

As you readers have noticed I have not only fallen very behind on my inventory of emails but my post count dwindled this week after suffering a case of computer death. Well I have managed to get my way back and plan on catching up on the many great mp3’s and release news that has come my way starting off with the latest single from The Joe and it’s remix by the always amazing GOBBLE GOBBLE. If you haven’t heard The Joe thus far you have been missing out on one of the most creative and fresh voices in Hip-Hop and this remix only takes the single to the next level. With a slick framework featuring standard hand clap bass drum beats The Joe’s lyrical presence flows smoothly over stuttering synth stabs and almost ghostlike psychedelic ambiance to get your bodies moving. The single is currently available for free via Bandcamp found here as well as is his previous work which is filled with the same intelligent witty rhymes you find here.

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