Let’s just face the facts you know you owe me dude. After all of those times that I covered up for your mishaps and slip ups like that one time I took the blame for that pipe you had stashed in your glove compartment and had to pay that paraphernalia ticket. Even further back I used to tell your mother that you were sleeping over at my house while you would sneak off to your girlfriends house to get laid while I sat at home just  to make sure she didn’t call to check up on you and if she did I told her you were already sleeping. After a million different cases in which I was left holding the bag while you enjoyed each moment of your life I have nothing left to say but that I don’t need your friendship.

Hi-Scores Recording artists Total Warr made a splash earlier this year with their Cascade EP which featured this single I Don’t Need Your Friendship and recently one of GPBP’s favorite young artists unouomedude took his turn at giving the track a new spin. The result was an ultra catchy beat filled Rancid sampling shaker that you can now have all to your own via the Hi-Scores Recording Library Bandcamp page. Both the past and the present go head to head with the lyrics left intact over meaty bass drum beats and machine gun cymbals that are injected with sharp punk rock guitar stabs throughout. Give it a listen here then go ahead and view the Bandcamp page for a free download.

Also have a listen to the recent remix of NazcarNation’s Beeswax that uno had a chance at toying with for the Dynazty: The Remixes album that also has remixes of their tracks by Star Slinger, St. Andrew, StewRat, WasteManagement, and James & Evander. unouomedudes take on this one is a bliss filled swirling composition with whip smart beats, snaps, and smart use of the original tracks vocal to create a warm relaxing laid back affair that will help you forget those winter blues. All of these remixes are available free of charge through the NazcarNation Bandcamp page where you can also pick up the original Dynazty EP.

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