I’m busy dusting and cleaning off this old record player that sits in my garage. Once a year I take myself out there and begin the process of digging it out of storage. I’ll open the box it is stored in slowly removing the silver metal clips that hold it closed and lift the lid back while being welcomed by the smell of another year worth of age. That is when the process begins and after a couple of hours I will have finally returned it to its previous state. Each knob and crease in the turntable will appear as if brand new as I lead the cord into the outlet and slide myself into a bean bag chair while slipping on the headphones. For one afternoon I will sit and fill my head with the sounds of both my and my parent’s past while celebrating a special anniversary.

I recently mentioned a remix on Hi-Scores Recording that was done by unouomedude and posted up that same day was also this bass line grooving vocal driven remix of Mon Khmer’s Anniversary by Karuna of The Bumblebeez. The intro is light and airy and quickly becomes an old school bass filled break beat that mellows out then rebuilds while it makes its way to a funky bass line that partners itself with the vocal track. This all comes together to make a ready for the dance floor stomp that wiggles its way through its four minutes dropping it all to break back down into those old school samples and beats around the two-minute mark before piecing itself all back together while making its way to the end. The track can be heard here and downloaded for free through the Hi-Scores Recording Library Bandcamp.

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