I’m going to make a large amount of mistakes in this life. Small ones that cause me to stub a toe against a door frame or forget to mail off something that was supposed to be sent yesterday. Large mistakes that are going to break hearts and make everyone I respect think less of me. These mistakes are going to constantly haunt me like an unsettled spirit rattling their chains while I try to sleep. I’ll see them peek at me through shelving at work. Their large eyes staring through me constantly reflecting reminders of those slips and falls that I will hopefully only make once before correcting. I don’t think I could ever correct them all but I do make some attempt to not repeat them and no matter how large they seem to be in the end everything is going to be alright.

One of my favorite new artists this year Closed Cassette recently sent me a brand new track that I had been meaning to post before the holiday and post holiday craziness began. Earlier in the year I went crazy for his release Time Trials which will definitely make its way into my singles of the year list as well as his contribution to the Collaborations cassette so I was more than excited to hear this new release. It opens calmly with relaxing synth tones and continues to add layer upon layer as the track progresses. Shimmering waves, a slow steady beat and that trademark vocal sound all come together to create a beautiful combination of swirling hypnotizing laid back electronic music. Have a listen to the track here and wait with me for his full EP to release.

Closed Cassette – Alright

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