I love you even though you will pluck me from my home in the ground and dust me off to take home. I love you even though you will chop away my flowered head as if you were in revolt. I love you even though you will remove each of my thistle like petals and discard them before hunting out my center so that you can toss me into a pot waiting for you to devour me with butter. I love you even after you are patting your stomach and sitting in your favorite chair to read yourself to sleep. Even after all of this is done and I am gone I will love you with each tender bite of my artichoke heart.

I recently received the latest and first single off of the upcoming Pandit album that will be due out on February 22 through Waaga records entitled Artichoke and I’m already looking forward to the release. After following his work throughout the year I was excited to see this waiting in my box. Right away the single snags hold of you with in your face drum work and a laid back swoony vocal floating over relaxed guitars. The track continues this steady strut adding small details as it walks along. At the two-minute mark it almost sounds like wind chimes on cool summer day with plucked echoed guitars making their entrance. Get a sample of both this single and the upcoming album here as well as not forgetting about his debut album which you can hear on Last.fm and wait with me until next year for what is bound to be one very solid release from the fellow Texan.

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