“The concept of this song is to put myself in the shoes of a white supremacist in order to show how hateful we can be based on our insecurities.”

Emay has returned once again to my mail delivering what may be one if not his strongest messages yet. Placing himself in the shoes of a white supremacist he lays down some of the most intelligent poignant lyrics in hip-hop this year or any other for that matter. Built over a sample of Mount Eerie the track shows off his production skill which is on point as always and while there is never a doubt about that the real strength of his latest single is in the lyrics. Being a member of the race he is impersonating it is almost embarrassing to listen to this truth laid out in verse after verse. These people are afraid and that fear is driving them to lengths that should no longer make sense. While they attempt to win a war that has no reason to even exist Emay is able to explain many of these fears and how those fears shape and form their hatred. This is a must hear single and you will be provided with an immediate download link from both Mediafire and Bandcamp which if you are willing you should absolutely pay the single dollar for.

As well as this new single be on the lookout for both his Slowdrive sampling full length which is still in progress and the bound to be amazing three-way project with Star Slinger and Blackbird Blackbird as Seeing Suge. He also mentioned another upcoming project that will be on the way soon but like you I also have to wait for the details of until the project has been completed.

Get Racist On Purpose here

Mediafire Download Link | http://www.mediafire.com/?ec7cysiv9j7v687

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