I have these memories that I would rather not keep. For years I have carried this baggage slung over my shoulder like a large bag filled with bricks wondering when I would have a chance to set it down. I waited anxiously for their men to arrive in their clean white van. They exited the vehicle and slowly walked their way to my front door. I stood alone watching them through the window as they made their way up my sidewalk looking like any other delivery service workers. He reached out his hand and pressing the doorbell and I couldn’t wait to take the ride to the center with them. It was finally time for me to take my turn with the erasers.

After a year filled with a prolific output including one of my favorite albums Summer Heart as well as EPs, steady singles, and collaborations Blackbird Blackbird has dropped what will the first single from what will be his second full length Erasers. This quick very vocal ride to the psychedelic side opens with natural sounds and twinkling chime like sounds then breaks into a very addictive lyrical passage that will have no problem working its way into your head. This single is something new and fresh while also being a throw back to his work before he was forced to give up his Bye Bye Blackbird moniker. The new album will be released in 2011 and will contain 10-12 all new unreleased songs and the photo used for this post is the tentative album artwork. He also included a link for a new remix of one of my favorite Porcelain Raft singles Tip of Your Tongue that is well worth a listen as well as a new NSFW short film by Drew King for his previous single Pure that you can view here.

Blackbird Blackbird – Erasers

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