All around us were vast snow peaked mountains. The wind rushed through our clothing chilling us to the bone as the drifts came in waves clouding our vision. We traveled on, worn weary by both our bodies aches and the worry that we would be overcome by the cold winter air. As the two of us were about to give up hope while clutching each other tightly we reached the top of the mountain and could see down in the distance a place for us to take cover. With the last bit of our energy we used the sloping mountainside to carry us to its base where we were able to shelter and warm each other while surrounded by a circle of hidden trees.

Earlier this year an artist named Cory Levinson started to produce singles under the name Kohwi such as the brilliant Tides and Rem/Play With Me releases. Now and then we would see this name pop up as the header for a few other productions and remixes as well for the likes of Blackbird Blackbird and my personal favorite remix for Coma Cinema’s Sucker Punch. Recently he fleshed out his first full length release including the previous three singles as well as six other new tracks. He created the full length to be a steady flowing album meant to be listened to in a single sitting and I think he has accomplished this goal by keeping a relaxed theme throughout. While this may sound like a bore when written believe me this isn’t just one long extended song. It is made up of multiple various movements and genres moving from relaxed electronic tones to minimal ambient and even more hip hop and psychedelic inspired beats and phrases. This is curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite headphones music at its finest. Relaxing and thought-provoking material from start to finish that is available absolutely free via Bandcamp and Mediafire as well as a limited release of 80 cassette copies that can be pre-ordered now through Wonder Beard Tapes.

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