It has been a few years now since nature decided to take the planet back. Rising up from the warm earth the foliage twisted and turned and grew faster than any of us could ever imagine. The vines were filled with a substance none of us realized existed and once it started to fill the air we all started to fall. The few of us left that were immune to the toxins were left with this new world dominated by nature. Our old cities became overgrown masses of these new rulers as they consumed large amounts of our population. The last of us were left to live out our lives as slaves making music for your plants.

Estonia’s Music For Your Plants makes music that is tough to categorize blending many various influences and sounds to create a sound of their own. This track Mr. Huanted uses this idea to create an exciting emotional sound scape that slowly adds layer after layer to its relaxed organic opening before it gradually builds its way to a guitar and drum driven peak. More sounds are slowly added into the mix until the huge wall of sound ending that brings each of the smaller elements together. Their most recent S/T EP has been made available for free and you can also stream and download some of their material through Soundcloud here so have a listen.

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