I’m walking along a sidewalk that shows no sign of ending. As my footsteps click and clack along I count those cracks like I once counted sheep before sleeping taking steady steps that also never seem to end. These days I spend my evenings counting stars and wondering if one day I may be one of them. The city lights have drowned out the majority leaving only the brightest handful shining in the night and me I just keep on walking. One, two, three more cracks I am careful not to step on as I make my way up this side of the street quiet and solemn in my perpetuity.

In preparation of his full length release Float or Flail The Joe is releasing one single a week and this single is one that I recently received in my box which not only features the intelligent and quick-witted rhymes The Joe is becoming known for it also features a warm soulful production from Teen Daze. The drum tracks used in this remind me of the productions on DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing album with brash tight snare taps and drum n bass like snare rushes laid over smooth keys and deep natural sounding bass tones. The Joe’s verses fit perfectly over the beats and at points his rhymes almost break into singing. You can hear this new single as well as the previous cut and scratch rock n roller Retirement’s A Four Letter Word I Scream In Public ft. The CBT via The Joe’s Bandcamp and hang tight for a new single until the full length release of Float or Flail on January 14th.

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