I’m sitting alone in my hotel room staring at the letter A that I have drawn on my palm. As I stare at those conjoined lines I ask myself over and over again if I am awake or dreaming. Every few minutes I pause to take a look at the digital clock sitting on the dresser beside me. As I begin to drift into my sleep I take control of the dream that ensues. In this state with anything possible I fly over mountain tops covered in snow. My mind works steadily spinning its wheels and reaching a potential I could never achieve in my waking state. At last I am able to let my soul glow.

I have been spending a solid amount of time with the most recent release from Miller Rodriguez and Lester Brown under their Mickey Brown moniker entitled Soul Glo. What I have found while listening is that while both may operate in foreign abstract realms of sound the common bond they share can also be used to craft something that oozes the purest of pop sensibility. Throughout the fifteen original tracks you are taken on a trip through various periods of time and genres of music. Each influence is worked and even reworked on the sixteenth and final track to create an album that would have easily been able to sneak its way into my favorite albums of the year. From the smooth hand clap sixties throw back intro track Wild Child until the surprising and haunting remix rendition of one of my all time favorite Hip Hop anthems The Choice is Yours you are treating yourself to both one of the strangest and addictive albums you will ever hear. You can both stream and purchase the new album via the Mickey Mickey Rourke Bandcamp for less than five dollars which is a steal for the amount of inventive pop you will receive.

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