The feeling was strange at first. We had walked away from everything that we had collected leaving our homes burning in the middle of the night. We took only the few things we thought we may need to survive and began walking toward the trees. For days we traveled step by step and side by side taking in everything that we once saw only as scenery. Those days we spent together gave meaning to our lives until finally we could see the skyscrapers in the distance and we knew that we had reached the end of the wild.

The latest offering from the collaborative effort of members of The Vivian Girls, Woods, and Bossy performing as The Babies was dropped into my inbox recently from a fresh German label called LebensStrasse. They will be releasing their limited 7″ EP The Wilds in February and if the previous singles have been any indication you will want to be in on the ordering soon. Somber strumming guitars reminiscent of the most fondly remembered 90’s acts back Cassie Ramone’s relaxed yet serious vocal to great effect. The track waxes and wanes with builds and releases in all the right places with pounding drum fills hammering the nails of the vocals in place. Keep an eye out for pre-order information as well as a full length self titled debut from The Babies next month.

The Babies – Wild I

Streaming link via Gorilla vs. Bear

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