It’s tough to admit that sometimes I enjoy feeling terrible. I need those lulls and those cloudy days to remind me that each day I want to enjoy will not just be handed to me. Without this reminder that I play a part in both my happiness and the happiness of those that surround me I get restless and lazy. I forget to take account of the feelings of those I care about when my own feelings aren’t being challenged. It especially feels strange during those cold winter months in which I know I should be giving more and taking less. Although I treasure each moment that I am happy I am also left knowing that I do not care for the winter sun.

I saw a quick tweet the other day while browsing that asked the question of whether or not there should be a Blackbird Blackbird remix of Beach House. This is no small undertaking after the well deserved praise that was given to their album Teen Dream last year which remained my favorite release for the entire year. How does one take a voice with that much power and attempt to make a change? The answer is to remove that vocal powerhouse and create something new and fresh that is all your own. By taking small elements of the original and giving them a glitched out beat Blackbird Blackbird takes this revered artist’s work and creates a subtle haunting track perfect for a cloudy winter’s day. Stream and download this latest remix here and don’t forget the upcoming CD release of another one of last year’s finest albums Summer Heart on March 2nd through Art Union/Plancha Records as it is not an album to be missed. Also in other Blackbird Blackbird news don’t miss this fun psychedelic romp of a video for the single Heartbeat directed by Erik Kirtley and Amanda Berglund found here.

Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

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