I’m laying in bed wrapped tight in multiple layers of warm thick blankets. The snow outside has yet to give up the entire evening and I can see the glow peering into my room. I already know I will be making that call and speaking to the automated system. That robot will attempt to make me feel guilty about not tossing my entire life away so some random dildo can come in to buy toilet paper, a quart of oil, and some beer to remind him why his wife hates spending each day with him. Instead of facing a crowd of those similar staring faces and their needs I will just lay here in bed hiding under my blankets doing nothing today.

A piano and beat driven song called Marker Smell from Malcom Lacey also known as Arrange arrived in my box shortly after my computer passed away that I wished I had been able to post and recently I received the latest single from his work in progress EP Quiet State. So far he has completed five of the tracks on the EP with the latest being Nothing Today which I first had a listen to through Ben Wagner’s (Craig Cruiser, Hooray!) new Mountain City blog. This will absolutely be the most entertaining song about a mutilated squirrel you or I will ever hear. His voice is hushed and warm over the Shoegaze inspired instrumentation’s somber march inviting the listener to settle in with both this single and the rest of the EP through a nice pair of headphones. I had not previously heard any of his releases and was happy to find a wealth of music on his Bandcamp which contains the previously mentioned EP as well as twenty-two previous tracks all free for download and all worth your attention. Looking to forward to hearing the EP in its completed state and I think after this introduction you will too. (Update! The EP has now had its final track added and is ready to be heard via the Arrange Bandcamp page.)

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