I am just starting to be able to see the minuscule shining stars in the vast darkness of the night. My foot slowly begins to press the pedal down edging the speedometer to the end of the dial. In front of me the highway expands without end. I am escaping the enveloping vastness of the city of Los Angeles heading out with no destination in  mind. The music blares and rumbles from the trunk of the brand new car that I hastily stole from work. Another afternoon of work has come and gone. Another drink was poured and devoured before I built the guts to pack it all up and make my get-away from those blinding L.A. lights.

I had a new release from a brand new electronic solo artist named Dean Bentley turn up in my box last month and while I am currently playing catch up I was able to give it some solid listens this morning. He is calling his project Hourglass Sea and currently has two singles up on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Today’s offering L.A Lights is a chunky meaty bass washed track filled with subtle touches of 8-bit throwback nostalgia and laid back grooves perfect for a night drive. There is also a second single found there titled Teenagers and after hearing both it seems that Dean has solid grounding to develop and further expand on his heavily drum driven tracks. Looking forward to seeing what this artist will continue to do as the year progresses whether it be a full solo EP or a mixture of singles and remixes.

Hourglass Sea – L.A Lights

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