She could hear the sounds of the scissors coming from my room. We had just had a small fight over something that shouldn’t have kept us apart all afternoon. I wanted to do something special for her, but my station in life didn’t allow me to provide her with much beyond our small apartment and the upkeep that goes along with our survival. I thought that if I did something original and from the heart maybe she would forgive me. So I sat there alone in our room working away in order to give her one hundred perfect paper diamonds with her name in the center.

Somehow I missed out on hearing the latest release Paper Diamonds from California’s Ash Reiter and I regret not finding this on my own. With a strong female lead voice and a tight well-rounded group of instrumental performances they have a strong solid sound of their own. What you can expect when you hear them is quality production and fine lyrical writing that is propelled by that killer female voice. It seems this could be their breakout year as they are set to play quite a few shows during the upcoming SXSW festival. They also have featured a track on a compilation of up and coming acts from around the Bay Area called Friends Of Triangle Records that can be downloaded absolutely free via the title link. Have a listen to the single Ishi that they provided me with hear and check out their Myspace for more you won’t regret hearing this.

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