We thought it would be a normal night out. A few games of pool while surrounded by friends. Multiple rounds of shots followed by beers in preparation for the band to start. Backstage he was sitting nervously not sure if he was ready for his first time. The rest of the group was slightly older and had played with a few acts before. He sipped warm tea while building himself up inside thinking about the performance that he was about to give. Staring in the mirror he heard the promoter shout “five minutes” while dipping his head into the makeshift dressing room. He had one quick drink to calm his nerves and headed for the door. Tonight was going to be the night of the rookie.

Today marks the release of The Rookie EP from The New Division whose five pieces make up one hell of an electronic indie group with a New Wave throwback twist. You may have already heard the breakout single Starfield already as it garnered a good amount of press and if so you should know what to expect from the six track EP as they continue to produce their own blend of past and present electronic elements to craft some very listenable and danceable tracks. The EP can be downloaded for five bucks from their Bandcamp and if you happen to come from the Riverside California area be sure to head out to the Division 9 Gallery this evening for the release party which is bound to be a blast. Have a listen to one of the other tracks here then head over to the Bandcamp to pick up the full EP.

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