They are everywhere. Moving through our air and sliding across our counters. They are an invading army prepared to destroy our entire race. Are they nature’s revenge for the destruction of the planet? These alien invaders grow in numbers hidden from our eyes. They watch and wait to infest our bodies with disease like some sort of biological weapon. They breed inside of us spreading rapidly through our bodies and ruining our insides. They fill us with sickness until either they have run their course and killed us all or we are able to defeat them with our own medicine and technology. This war will be hard-fought and none of us will be prepared to battle the germs.

This morning I was digging through various submissions in my inbox and stumbled upon this funky electronic number from Oakland’s Dan Casey under the name of Yalls. Germs is just as infectious as the title suggests with a funked up bass line and subtle synth work that you can’t resist. The track is featured on his recently completed Rerepeater EP and is posted up for download both on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The EP is made up of four tracks currently and it seems he also has plans for a full length release as well as some remixes by the end of the year. Have a listen here to Germs and head over to one of the aforementioned locations to pick up the full four track EP.

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