I am shaking, nervous, and I can’t stop pacing back and forth across my room. I had no idea how they found me or how they managed to escape prison. I was living in a small town under another name. My appearance had changed radically and I was sure that with my late night job they would have no idea that I was even on the grid. When she called to warn me that she had seen them at the diner I knew that I was in trouble. I wasn’t allowed to call anyone from my past to tell them that I would soon be gone. It would only be a matter of time before my last hope was gone.

Blackbird Blackbird has as usual been very creative and quick posting up two new singles to SoundCloud in a week. The pair are something slightly different in sound but by no means show any loss in quality. Just some new ideas that are swirling around and available for free via SoundCloud. I’m giving you a sample of one of the two new tracks LASTHOPESGONE here that features a sound that would have fit the bill perfectly in any 80’s Sci-Fi soundtrack with its throwback synths gliding along through a futuristic world coming to an end. Knowing the prolific nature of Blackbird Blackbird I wouldn’t doubt that we may have others popping up soon. Also don’t forget the official CD release of Summer Heart which is edging its way to its release date on March 2nd through Plancha records. If their previous CD releases are any indication you will definitely want to pick up one of these asap.

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