The theater was starting to fill up with patrons all filing in slowly carrying their sodas and snacks while winding themselves through each other and into the comfortable seats. The lights were dim but still slightly glowing as the previews began. A cellphone rang and groans rang through the large echoing room showing the crowds displeasure in the interruption before the main event was to begin. Suddenly everything went black and before the audience had realized it the movie ended leaving everyone dumbstruck not by the film but by the movies wondrous original soundtrack.

Yesterday I received a very pleasant email from a young Spanish gentleman named Sutja Gutiérrez tipping me off to the upcoming release of his third solo EP titled Original Soundtrack that is to be released soon. He says he only needs small details to be worked out such as the cover art and song titles so you can expect the release soon through a possible label or self released on his own. You may know of his work with his other highly praised lo-fi project The Fruhstucks who also have a great sampling of their material up on their Bandcamp. The track I am featuring today comes from his first EP The Way I Feel which can be downloaded through the small yet full of quality Distorted Disco Records label run by Germany Germany’s Drew Harris. He also has a second EP available for free through his own site here titled We Know that bares some striking vocal comparisons to Alt rock icon Kurt Cobain over some relaxed lo-fi textures. Have a sample of his song Ah, No (Video link via Vimeo directed by Panaframe) and patiently await the release of his latest EP as it is sure to be something highly worth looking into soon.

Sutja Gutiérrez – Ah, No

Stream link via Guerolito Music

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