It has become tough for me to control my emotions. I find them swirling and tumbling like a tornado tearing through a trailer park. At one moment I may be calm and relaxed knowing that all will be well if I only wait for the positive changes. The next I am a fierce beast ready to grasp at the throat of the first person to test my metal. Afterward however I know I would only feel regret for the damage that would be done. It seems that when I have these moments I am constantly uncomfortable with my psyche cycles.

Mitch and Kenzie who are an experimental/visual music duo known as Hear Hums from Gainesville Florida have created an interesting and ear pleasing album with their second release Psyche Cycles. The album recently received a well deserved limited to one hundred copy cassette release from Crash Symbols who also handled the release for Foot Village. The album takes many shifts moving from calm ambience to almost angry pounding moments throughout its fourteen tracks simulating the many moods that the human mind goes through. The duo also compiled their own mind bending video all made up of footage that was shot and self edited for two singles Cerebellum and Woo that can be viewed through their Vimeo is also well worth the look at. Their third album is on its way as well and already I am interested to see what this creative duo is planning. Have a taste of Woo here then head over to have a listen to the full album which is free for download on their Bandcamp page. It is sure to peak your interest if you have tastes that lean in the experimental or psychedelic direction.

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