The throng of photographers and fans were waiting while pressed against the edges of the carpet’s velvet rope for the limousines to arrive. In a few moments the evening would be a flurry of designers, models, and other celebrities strutting in to see what would become the latest trends. Once the crowd was thoroughly filled with anticipation the final guests arrived. The three young women dressed head to toe in couture created especially for them slowly let their legs stretch forth from the vehicle and walked together in perfect unison to the door. They stopped to pose and allowed the crowd to take one final photo of the fashion girls before making their way inside.

The pair of Sweden’s Mitch Murder and New Yorker Felix Snow collaborating as Murder & Snow have created a pair of superb 80’s throwback tracks that are both available free for download through SoundCloud. Both of these singles sound as if they were found buried in the back of your local record store with their classic synth sounds and smooth sultry almost RnB vocal styling. Both have created solo tracks of various persuasions from standard Pop dance tracks, to Hip-Hop, and 8-bit but it is this pairing of the two that I think really stands out. If you have any interest in New Wave or just plain want to remember those clubbing days in the 80’s you would be hard pressed not to like this pair of perfect throw back gems. We can only hope the two will flesh out a full length album or at least an EP in the near future providing quality retro get downs like these two.

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