She probably doesn’t even know how important her acceptance of me is. I can’t help but feel more like myself when speaking to her. I am confident and unafraid to share my hidden passions and my childish sense of humor when hearing her voice. Normally I am very reserved unwilling to let my guard down and ashamed of the things I do when sitting home alone. She has made me see the value in myself and the things I once thought that I should keep secret. It’s only with you that finally feel at home.

A few months ago I posted about Brooklyn’s Phone Tag’s three tracks which apparently turned out to be rough cuts that were still being tweaked and refined. Last month those three tracks as well as three new productions were compiled and put together as the Look and Feel EP which can be purchased both as a digital album as well as a very limited cassette release through Bandcamp. The updated versions of the three previous tracks are now near flawless and this newer single Only With You is just as moving. The tender honest vocal work fits in perfectly with the relaxed electronic pop sounds found here. I hope you enjoy this single as much as I have and be sure to have a listen to the entire EP found here.

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