We are watching that raging beast grow from a satellite viewing system. It begins to slowly spiral and spread the oceans salty waters. We can see the waves developing and becoming a natural blender tearing everything trapped beneath to shreds.  I grab the phone and make the call warning the office on the shore that the storm is heading in its direction. It will only be a matter of time before it reaches that small ocean side community. They were starting to pack up their things and some of them had already abandoned their homes and the hopes that they would have one to return to. Now all we could do was wait and watch the eye in the eye of the storm.

You may have seen this gorgeous home recorded piano ballad by Lady Lazarus taken from her Mantic LP on Pitchfork and it is more than deserving of the credit it received there. It was only fitting that another master of the minimal Miller Rodriguez also known as Mickey Mickey Rourke took the track and added a few of his own headphone gracing techniques and applied them to the remix. The pair have been released as a digital exclusive single on Hi-Scores Recording (who also did releases for Total Warr, Top Girls, and Guerre) and make for a heart wrenching pair. The remix adds just enough of those haunting touches as to not attempt to overtake the original’s minimal composition but to give it another layer of sonic bliss for your listening pleasure.

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