Everything there is beautiful. The seventy degree sun drenched days and the cool nights with their ocean fed breezes all perfect and relaxing. Those smiling white teeth on faces hidden behind Ray-Ban aviator shades shine in that western sunlight. Those thin starving young ladies chasing their dreams or having someone else chase them following a dream of their own. It is a shame that everything there was made to be an illusion. That in reality it is just like any other large city filled to the brim with nothing but humans made up of the same pieces and parts as you would find in any other gargantuan metropolis. In the end even in Los Angeles a person is just a person until the world wants to know their name.

One of my favorite artists last year PEPEPIANO has returned with a yacht bound relaxing groove called Los Angeles. Built on Hall & Oates samples and headed straight for outer space this new single contains everything you loved about his previous works like No Way and that amazing remix for the Houses single Endless Summer. It seems from his Bandcamp that this is a preview of an upcoming release which after being blown away by the Babes release I am already anxious at the prospect of hearing the rest of his new material. Until then however we have this good vibe filled track as well as the freshly premiered remix that he did for GPBP fave Kohwi’s track Mesa on always excellent Smoke Don’t Smoke blog.

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