I have been meaning to write something about True Womanhood after receiving various mail from them and never seeming to get around to separate posts due to the amount of mail I was receiving. In light of this I wanted to create a new artist focus column and so here we go with something new for Good Pop Bad Pop. Welcome to my first artist focus and say hello to Washington DC’s True Womanhood formed in 2008 and made up of members Thomas Redmond (Vocals/Guitar) Melissa Beattie (Bass) and Noam Elsner (Drums/Electronics).

In the first correspondence from Noam Elsner I was informed that they had just come off of a successful summer tour and were planning to be heading to CMJ. Needless to say this up and coming band was receiving many rave reviews and like with the upcoming SXSW I was sorry that I was too new to have any idea of how to suggest/host possible showcases for them to play. They had a solid year playing well produced and played indie rock that was like nothing I was hearing from any other bands during the blow up of the Chillwave scene and the large amount of 60’s sounds that seemed to be everywhere all summer. They had been recording new material and had already released the praised Basement Membranes EP in January and I was sent this single Dream Cargoes which is to be featured on a full length album called Ghost Modern as well as information about other material they had been recording in Baltimore with J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines).

True Womanhood – Dream Cargoes

After their success at CMJ the band signed on with Flower Booking who already has them scheduled for three upcoming shows in March with Small Sins. I was also told about a 7″ release from them for LAST RITES being released through Sockets Records and Environmental Aesthetics Records. I was then sent this single that had been recently recorded called Night Prowlerz which Noam described as “almost entirely made up of samples we made by clanging pieces of metal around in a mile-long sewer tunnel + bass guitar, 808 drumz, and vocals all run through a severely malfunctioning tape delay.” All I know is from hearing this I already knew this was a band to be watching. They were doing virtually everything in a very DIY way and were unafraid to experiment with sound. Though this was a shift from the last single they had sent being almost a Drag or Witch House background overlain with those stunning vocals there was no change in the fact that these three folks were going to excite my ears with each email that I received.

Most recently the group tipped me off to The Grey Man single which was filled with haunting strings to replace the guitars and an even more haunting vocal that was ran through a malfunctioning tape delay.At this point notice how the quality of the music is still top notch even though their sound is constantly evolving.

They also announced their purchase of a Tascam 388 and the start of their new REEL TOO REAL project which has them recording and releasing new material straight from the tape to you through both their own blog and SoundCloud. They also released the first single from the project MINAJAH which was a track inspired by the Moombahton dance craze and once again was a huge shift in sound with an obvious electronic influence that was actually made with guitars and effects. To say the least they have been busy crafting  some of the most creative new sounds that I have heard all year no matter which genre or instruments they use to tackle them. Connect with them via the links provided here and be on the lookout for more releases in the near future from True Womanhood.

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