We love because we cannot help but do so. Our brains full of chemicals giving us this high. Our eyes glazed over as we stand facing each other with our hands held tight. We feel what we feel because we can’t help but spend as many of the few moments of happiness we get in this life with one another. We hold each other in the dark when no one else is there for us. The two of us stronger when we come together. One seamless unconsciousness communicating without words. But when we kiss we kiss for fun.

Pittsburgh’s Mods for a modern age New Shouts recently released a two track single via Bandcamp featuring this track and the B-side Save Me and it is a funky soul filled get down number that will get your body moving. Pure unadulterated upbeat pop with pounding drums and a hook that could catch any musical fish. Simple and straight forward well produced indie rock with a blaring guitar solo and great percussion is just what the doctor ordered this evening. Just wait until that breakdown kicks in before rebuilding to the chorus and tell me that you aren’t sold. This was my first time hearing the group and I plan on seeing what else they are capable of with each new release. Pick up the two track single here and here is a taste of Kiss For Fun.

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