We all sat together prepared for the chemicals to kick in. We thought if we had everything that we might need for the journey close at hand it could make the ride more comfortable. The clock was ticking slowly and had just passed the forty-five minute mark. Any minute now we would be one through exiting our reality. Five more minutes pass and I can feel it in my stomach. This trip was about to begin and before we knew it we would all be subjects to the drugs mind altering dynamics.

I’m always excited to receive info on the latest releases from wordsmith and beat maestro Emay and his new EP turned miniature LP kept me company at work last night. The album features eight tracks of all new material and is in my opinion his strongest and most fleshed out work yet. Throughout the release his rhyme styling varies between a young angst filled man and a wise beyond his years poet who sounds like he is enjoying every moment of the process. Each of the eight tracks presents solid beats and some classy sample usage such as that smooth bit on the remix of Blackbird Blackbird’s – Ups & Downs that bites just enough of The Stranglers – Golden Brown. Speaking of Ups & Downs it also features one of my favorite guest vocalists of last year Stephaloo and the album opener Because Winter features an amazing hook performance from Lowell Boland. All in all this is easily one of the finest Hip-Hop releases I’ve heard this year and you shouldn’t pass up the chance to pick it up completely free of charge here. Not one to rest he still has his Slowdive sampling album as well as his project with Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger called Seeing Suge coming in the near future. I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge year for this talented young MC and producer.

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