It wasn’t as if I had any choice in what was to become of me. This fire burned inside of me gradually building from that first spark of sound that worked its way into my ears. From then on it was the only thing trapped inside of my mind. Day after day I would work at this labor of love no matter what the cost might be. It wasn’t about the money or the fame, but about setting my goals high and climbing my way toward that peak one skin torn hand at a time. Eventually it was what I was able to call complete. I was allowed to rest for a moment while allowing the public to take in the spoils of hard work. This would be my chance to float or flail out at those that said I would never make it.

Two days and two days worth of pure, from the heart Hip-Hop. After five years in the making The Joe has finally reached his goal and self released one of the most intelligent and creative releases in Hip-Hop. Varied beat textures surprise you at the start of each track evolving into multilayered sonic assaults underneath intelligent verses. Few if any Hip-Hop albums released on major labels this year will be able to hold a candle to this well-developed fifteen track masterpiece. Included is the previously posted remix of his track Wayward from GOBBLE GOBBLE and that is merely the beginning of the multitude of twists and turns provided. The rhymes have been tested and toured while The Joe raised the capital needed to push his release. Give this guy your support via a low price through Bandcamp and let’s help him get that second album out. It will be well worth every penny.

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