Please never tell me that in the end we didn’t hate each other. I don’t want to be reminded of those moments that I made you cry or the revenge you would later have on me. Please never tell me that you still love me when you let my hand fall and left me to walk alone. Please never say that you have no regrets or that you don’t think about the day you left. Please never tell me that I ever mattered to you all or that you still look at those photos of us together and have pleasant thoughts. Please never call me again because I could never stand to hear your voice. Please never be a part of my life.Please never break my heart.

I’ve been waiting to hear something that I could be as excited about that is tropical themed and as immediate as Basic Needs remix of Tanlines – Real Life was and I think I have just found it in my inbox from the French duo Guigui & Kiki also known as Total Warr. After their great EP release Cascades and the single Gangsta Rap which would have made my singles of the year list had I been able to make one and will also be featured on an upcoming KITSUNE compilation called KITSUNE PARISIEN I have been waiting to see what the duo will do next. That question was answered when their latest single Please Never arrived with its upbeat fun tropical sound that masks the solemn lyrical tone making for an addictive single that is cold enough for winter and warm enough to get you thinking about the upcoming summer months. It also features the lyrical talent of new to my ears artist Little also from Paris. The duo says that their first full length LP is being recorded and will be ready soon so be on the lookout for more from this pair in the coming months.

Total Warr – Please Never

Stream link borrowed from the amazing Get Off The Coast (Though I will be hosting files soon I promise!)

Other Total Warr info here!/totalwarr

Original artwork provided by Kenzie Kleinman