I have given up on a lot of things as I have aged. Watched many of my dreams get washed away or set aflame. Some are just simply worn thin and tossed out like yesterday’s trash. Others I remove from my life with fury and discontent. There are some I simply aged too much or became unable to do due to physical limitations and others I was just too lazy to invest the work into. In my teenage years I was almost always changing my mind as to what I thought life both meant and how I would choose to spend it. There are many times I feel like I may have no dream left at all and yet the one thing I have never given up is the fight to find a new one.

This morning I had a nice new email from four fine Canadian lads Bradey Feil, Todd Andrews, Devin Fortier, Caleb Neumeier, and Erik Grice also known as The Fight. They took a trip to a cabin by a lake and came back to hide out in a small house for a bit recording and the results turned out to be three tracks posted up on Bandcamp. These three tracks make up the Birds EP and are filled to the brim with well produced crystal clear indie rock. Birds is a bass driven ride into the sky with an upbeat fun chorus and a howling breakdown at about the two-minute mark. Easy Alley dances along with a strutting swagger and vocals full solid advice about that dead beat man you just can’t give up. The final track Take Back The City is a rumbling force telling you to well, take back the city. The EP is available for free via their Bandcamp waiting and ready for you to have a listen.

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