I pretend around friends and colleagues that I was able to forget your face. I tell them that I have moved on and that I make no attempts at checking up on you to see how you are doing or if you have replaced me. On the inside that fire still burns though when certain songs play. I’ll get drunk on cheap whiskey and turn the volume up. I’ll go find those pictures of us in those photo booth four frame slides from the trips we used to take together. I’ll eventually stare at the phone wanting to call while knowing that I can’t and I’ll cry. I never wanted to be a single man again.

I’m ashamed of myself for not posting more Ghost Animal releases after my early crush last summer as the duo stayed busy all year and remained one of my favorite new artists. I found myself overwhelmed with emails and wanting to return to hunting these groups down and asking their permission to use songs/art and Michael Avishay was one of the first to seem as equally excited about me posting the duo’s music. Since then the duo of Michael and Marissa have released their Summertime in Heaven cassette on Summertime is Hell which was part of what had me so excited about them in the first place (My copy is #58/100) and a second cassette on Kill/Hurt of B-sides and unreleased material titled Youth. Their latest soon to be released 7″ was mastered by fellow Texan and musician Pandit for the single Single Man which also includes both their original version of In Your Room as well as the Golden Ages remix that I previously posted way back when GPBP was learning to crawl. You can preview the release here and listen to all three tracks on their Bandcamp so go get a bit of try before you buy and snag what very few if any copies of both cassettes if you can get them before they are gone.

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