I was resting that afternoon when I saw his long older model Cadillac edge its way over the hill. My glass of tea sat beside me and my forehead was sweating from the summer heat. That big red boat sailed on into the driveway and out came those faded brown shoes. It had been many years since I saw him and his face was starting to look like mine. It was wrinkled and had the appearance of leather. It was a face that showed off his many years of hard work while following in my footsteps. I picked up my cane and made my way down the wooden stairs of that ancient porch to meet him with a tight embrace. I had honestly never missed anything as much as my old son.

Edmonton Alberta Canada has been very good to the musical world in the past couple of years and this is another notch on that belt. Calvin McElroy who is also a live member of GOBBLE GOBBLE recently emailed me with news about his new solo efforts under the name of Kuhrye-oo and while like GOBBLE GOBBLE he does make electronic based music you shouldn’t go into this release thinking you are getting a taste of their total madness. This is laid back smokey vibed music with an almost ambient worldly feel using ethnic percussion and a driving 4×4 bass drum beat to power those graceful synth lines. He also has another single posted up along with Old Son on his Tumblr titled Manet Monet with a similar ear enchanting style over a stuttered almost Hip-Hop flavored breakbeat for you to hear and you can find both up for free download there. After hearing these two tracks I can’t wait to get more news about an EP or possible full length in the near future. Here is a taste of Old Son to tempt you to get over to his Tumblr to hear more.

Kuhrye-oo – Old Son

Stream link borrowed from Dipped In Dollars pay them a visit you won’t regret it.

Other Kuhrye-oo info found here