The evening brought with it the wind and the chilling cold. The two of us sat huddled beneath a large flannel blanket with our hands clasped together. I could feel your Kashmir brushing against the skin of my neck which was almost as soft as your warm flesh. We both stared at the fire as it spread its red, orange, and yellows. Loving each both each other and the random art of nature we stayed in our embrace until the sun finally started to rise. I hoped that we would both remember this sweater weather forever.

Double Phantom Records recently released and new digital four track EP from Atlanta’s Mood Rings titled Sweater Weather Forever and while the title sounds cold this band creates a warm sound that will soothe you throughout the final days of winter. With slight hints of the south and mild calming psychedelic vocals spread syrupy sweet through the four tracks they have crafted what may very well end up being one of the finest debut EPs to hit the internet airwaves this early in the year. Much like Guards and their surprising out of nowhere debut EP I was hooked on this immediately and wondered how I hadn’t heard anything about these guys previously. Head over to the Double Phantom Records Bandcamp and get a copy of this as soon as possible or believe me you will regret when your best friend gets to it first.

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