They sit at a boardroom length table carved from the world’s finest marble. Their goblets raise slowly to their lips while they wait for the presentation to begin. The human blood mixed with wine trickles over their long forked tongues pressing through their masked faces. They wear the skin of the most powerful people on earth. Each of them speaks to us each day through our television sets assuring us that all is well and that we have nothing to worry about as they are looking out for our best interests. Soon the meeting of the reptilians will begin.

After recently hearing both free singles from this album floating around the net I knew that I would have to type some words up for Portland natives Starfucker and their instantly appealing synth pop sophomore album Reptilians. Today I purchased a vinyl copy and was able to finally hear the entire album at length and while I was impressed already with their style from previous efforts like the much-loved Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second I think that with this new full length they are showing both their growth as a band and their range as musicians. The album smoothly flows from album opener Born through many twists and turns pleasing the ears with upbeat and relaxed textures until the album’s emotive upbeat closing moments on Quality Time. Also included in your order MP3 download from Polyvinyl Records are two bonus tracks that would have fit in seamlessly with the album. The release date is set to be March 8th according to their Bandcamp but you can get those pre-orders in now for the CD/Black Vinyl/Clear Vinyl releases. They are limited so act fast as this album is bound to be huge. Hear Bury Us Alive here and head over to the Bandcamp for a two-track preview of the album then get over to Polyvinyl to get your orders in.

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