We were both so innocent then and so inclined to listen to the advice of parents of who had an honestly equal answer to any of humanity’s big questions. Thinking that since they were older they must have some idea of what this whole life thing was about we accepted their advice and stayed away from one another. We were only left with a friendship until my eighteenth birthday which was the day we first kissed under the fireworks celebrating a liberty and freedom that neither of us up until that night had enjoyed. Taking my graduation money and the car my parents expected me to drive to college we ran away to the city finding a nice hotel. That was the night we both decided there was no point in having a purity ring and we both began to live.

Another day and another amazing new project from a current and former member duo from GOBBLE GOBBLE with Purity Ring. Their first single has taken the blog world by storm and is well deserving of all of the press it is getting as well as the freshly received Best New Music from Pitchfork. With a refreshing blend of electronics, Hip-Hop, and Glitch the pair have created a head nodding and heart swooning combination. Emotive female lyrics flow over chopped deep and wobbling beats, a synth trickle bleeps along turning into swirling dream pop background textures, a few almost Drag/Witch like stabs of vocal peek into the mix leaving virtually no new genre alive in it’s wake. There is also a stunning NSFW video by the Tearist that you can view here if you haven’t already directed your own in your head while listening. Get ready music listeners of 2011 this pair has plans for your ears.

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