My palms are sweating and I can’t breathe. I stare nervously around waiting for an invisible attacker to come at me. I have no idea why I am so afraid and yet my body is telling me I should run. I turn my head back and forth quickly scanning the room to see if anyone has noticed. Are they talking about me or just looking at me strangely with their judgments about my appearance or my station in life. My heart starts beating quickly doubling the time signature of the music playing and I am forced to make my way outside. Finally once I am out in the fresh air alone I start to settle down and remove my anxieties.

I first heard the sounds of Baltimore’s Ricky Eat Acid through Ben Wagner (Craig Crusier/Hooray!) after he did a Craig Cruiser remix for the track SMILE from his HUGS album. As a strange enough coincidence I also heard this new single from his latest release like i was floating through Ben’s new blog Mountain City. The track features vocal work from Kiss Kiss Fantastic’s Rachel Levy and is a very emotive sound filled release. On my first couple of listens through speakers I didn’t have a chance to take in all of the subtle nuances of the track. During later listens however and almost as always headphones opened up the whole sound of the piece. Minimal synth throbs and those sweeping tones laced over cello like bass hums surround Levy’s haunting vocal work to stunning effect. She also makes an appearance on the third track sickfeeling contributing another very minimal cry. The entire six track album seems to carry this sound over creating happiness in your ears even though the songs have a slight feeling of darkness or dread. Sample the album opening Anxieties here then head over to the Bandcamp to hear the entire release.

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