The lights have all gone out and I am surrounded by silence. For a few days now I have just walked around searching for someone to talk to. The television has gone dead as have all of our phones and internet. It is starting to get cold without the sun rising each morning. I walk with my hands instead of my eyes grasping out for any sign of life. All around me are buildings rising up into the infinite night sky. I am left with only my mind and the stars. I try to hold on to the memory of you as I search this dark city.

Justin Morales who makes music under the moniker of Seabright has returned with his second EP turned eleven track full length Dark City. This album like his first is based around analog instrumentation and has a fuzzier relaxed rock sound over the electronic ambiance. It has made for a fresh comforting new sound with each track offering up a bevy of subtle headphone treats. Take for instance the track that I am featuring here today Winter War which retains his mellow vibe from his previous effort while experimenting with a wholesome pop rock sound that fits around his voice like a glove. The entire album is available now through his Bandcamp and is well worth the time to pop over and have a listen. Get over there now and strap on your headphones it is perfect for a lonely Sunday night.

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