This week I wanted to shine some extra light on a well deserving group from Greece that have done nothing but shine since last summer Keep Shelly In Athens. I first heard their work through Gorilla vs. Bear who have had tabs on them since their premiere of three tracks way back in June. Those first three works showed elements of a Jazz flavored Hip-Hop influence though they were by no means a Hip-Hop group. These three songs were all smooth and sultry with light dashes of female vocal dipping and diving through soulful grooves. It didn’t take long for the group to start popping up all over the net or to keep us wanting for new releases. It seemed that of the three Cremona Memories was the most memorable but each was a beautiful and stunning new sound.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Cremona Memories

It wouldn’t be long before we heard from them again in the form of A tear in my i which kept their mellow downtempo grooves intact and injecting them with a stronger female vocal sound. Echoes and long winding slices of sultry slick disco prevailed and showed that the group could follow the initial three tracks with grace and style. This was the soundtrack for a late night summer with the one you loved. It also wouldn’t be long before there were plans for a physical release as they were starting to generate some serious waves.

Keep Shelly In Athens – A tear in my i

In October the ones behind all of the hype in the first place Gorilla vs Bear would announce their Forest Family Records release of the In Love With Dusk 12″ and the premiere of a new single Running Out Of You through Pitchfork. The 12″ would go on to sell out shortly after and featured six original tracks as well as their remix of Body Language’s – You Can. The new single had less of a Jazz element and a further push to the female centered vocal. The sound was that of the ghost of a love lost creeping slowly through your bedroom that took a sharp turn into beat filled bliss near the three minute mark creating one of the finest dance floor set openers I could imagine and to me was their strongest release up to this point.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Running Out Of You

In December the remixes of Running Out Of You started to drop featuring Memory Tapes on Gorilla vs Bear, Danniel Radall on Nomodestbear, and a completely re-worked throbbing only vocal retaining remix from Ohio’s Brothertiger which premiered on No Fear Of Pop. Each shined in their own way but it would be Brothertiger who would end up receiving an absolute dance floor killing remix from Keep Shelly In Athens for his track Evening Glow that was dropped just a few weeks ago. It is very interesting to see how both artists reinterpreted each others works and created two entirely new songs from them.

Brothertiger – Evening Glow (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

Most recently the group released the spine tingling Hauntin’ Me which also premiered through Gorilla vs Bear and the announcement was made for a planned 7″ release through Transparent Records with this single as the A-side. The bound to sell out 7″ is up for pre-order here so get to them fast before they are gone. You won’t want to miss this gorgeous single with its acoustic guitar and horn intro leading into what will be one of the strongest and most emotional female vocal performances of the year. I for one can’t wait to hear more of Keep Shelly In Athens and I would hope that after reading through this extended feature you to will be a little more turned on to some of the most refreshing sounds I’ve heard in some time.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me

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