I was busy attempting to get ready for our evening plans in the upstairs bedroom. This consisted of a simple shower and shave followed by the majority of my preparation time staring at myself in the mirror. I was looking over every small detail in both my face and outfit as I wanted everything to be perfect for her. She was already in the house reading over an article in a magazine downstairs. She of course was beautiful in every way and I was hoping that I could at least make myself less of an embarrassment since she would spend Valentine’s Day at my side.

Stumbled onto this little two-track offering from Vancouver’s Little Chords that I thought was worth sharing, though I couldn’t seem to find any info on whether 7″ was simply the title or it was going to be pressed as a 7″. Either way both tracks offered are filled with solid Shoegaze haze. The first track In The Guest Room has psychedelic elements that twist and turn throughout and softly strummed guitars. The second track Valentine’s Day is a bit more upbeat and has a shimmering vocal and a wave-like pattern as it breaks down to minimal elements at around the one minute mark. For now both tracks are free for download through the groups Bandcamp and here is a sample of Valentine’s Day to spark your interest.

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