There was one reason all of those men were rushing to the west. A mixture of explorers, criminals, and other frauds all bent on creating a new fortune based on nothing more then rumor and luck packed up their families or abandoned them all together chasing that dream. They came from every settlement heading for that west coast sun unaware of the danger that would be waiting for them. Wild animal attacks, dynamite explosions, and perilous natural disasters would take most of them. The others would be faced with the threat of themselves and those they trusted after a find was made. Many were dead and many more would be soon just to chase those dreams of gold.

Shortly after the Total Warr post I received this email from fellow French four piece D’Austerlitz about their debut EP titled Gold. I found this little four tracker to be an interesting mix of standard rock elements and electronics. It has a darker overtone than most of the releases I have heard as of late as well breaching into an almost Goth like sound on some of the tracks and I think the album opener Fauvre Romance could fit into a film soundtrack with ease. The EP is currently available for free through their Bandcamp and it is definitely worth having a listen. The track featured here is the second track from the EP Mr. Grey which has a great energetic throwback Alternative/Indie sound and should tempt you to have a listen to the rest of the EP.

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