I was shocked the first day that I realized I could do what I am capable of doing. After a recent auto accident I was forced to amputate my left hand. It was a tough loss to deal with and I was just starting to adjust to the idea after being released from the hospital. A friend had called and I was chatting away and needed to turn the volume down on my television. I reached out with my left arm and noticed the remote slide slowly edging its way along and then over the edge of the coffee table. Ever since I have been slowly teaching myself new uses for this phantom power.

Phantom Power the musical alias of New York’s Eric Littman is no slouch when it comes to being a productive member of the independent music community. Doing his work from home he plays every instrument, does the vocal work, and then mixes it all himself by laptop. You may say “sure but who doesn’t” and here is where the difference is. Those other artists didn’t release seven EPs last year. His latest effort is You Are Who You Meet and is made up of nine tracks all available free of charge through both his blog and Bandcamp. Like his previous work this is a quality release full of laid back relaxing indie pop. Multiple genres influence is spread throughout giving each track its own feel and groove while retaining his overall sound. This is the blood, sweat, and tears of one hardworking young artist who deserves to be heard. Here is a small sample of the vast amount of work he has managed to turn out in such a short time and there is plenty more available for you to hear if this is your first taste of Phantom Power.

(Just a small note about the album artwork that is just a place holding photo the actual artwork is pending though relaxing with a drink might be the perfect way to enjoy these chilled out sounds.)

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