Tim was preparing backstage just as his grandfather had taught him. He meticulously loaded each item one by one into the small black suitcase. Once this was done he would work on the many pockets concealed within his suit’s jacket just to make sure every sleight of hand item was ready for showtime. His two young friends were behind a curtain together dressing. Sara was having her make-up applied and Tina was comparing her legs to Sara’s adding just enough bronze so that their complexions would match. They would be both be a part of eight year old Tim’s biggest trick. Once his head and legs were ready he pushed the large box to edge of the stage. The lights went out for a moment and an older man introduced his act to applause. The curtains spread and the time had come for young magic.

If you missed out on the mind-blowing psychedelic sounds from Australian via New York’s Young Magic and his deep beat filled collage of the planet You With Air your chance to spin the vinyl is coming up soon. February 8th will mark the release of the 7″ which you can hear both sides of digitally via Bandcamp. The 7″ release is up for pre-order now on Carpark Records via Insound and you won’t want to miss your chance to snag this one. Playful and slick this single bobs and weaves leaving you circling in the ring before knocking your lights out. The B-side Sparkly is a slightly more mellow affair that doesn’t let your head relax with its heavy psychedelic influence and that rapid fire guitar riff that slides in and out throughout the track. Hear You With Air here and get over to the Bandcamp and Carpark to get the releases.

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