He sat quietly at his desk pretending to listen to the teacher speak. In his hands was the second page of plain white paper. Slowly and carefully he folded the sheet with the kind of care a young girl would use to fold an important love note. Each crease he flattened with his textbook making sure that the end product would be perfect down to each detail. He planned to release us out of the second floor window once the bell had sounded after everyone had left the room. Soon both me and my paper twin would fly freely in the spring sun.

I received a pair of New Wave tinged singles from a Brooklyn artist called Papertwin in my box yesterday with very little other information other than they would be featured on an upcoming EP. If these two tracks are any sign the full EP release will be something to keep your ears open for. While they do hint at New Wave sounds they are very modernized with updated electronics. A heady mix of synthesizer and beats make up the base for both tracks and the vocal work on both is great. Coma is slightly more upbeat with a piano playing along with each sung word and gives off a slight New Order vibe.

Cross is a more mellow affair that rides along on an almost tropical rhythm that is injected with headphone ready twists and tripped out surprises before dropping into a stronger throbbing beat and adventuring into outer space with its beeping outro. That solid vocal is featured in both and has peaked my interest in the EP as I think it will yours. Currently both tracks are available for download via Bandcamp so head over and have a little preview of what is to come.

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