I remember those old Iron Maiden posters that used to hang from my walls next to Freddy Krueger when I was a child. They scared my friends when they would come to sleep over making some of them go home early to hide in the safety of their parents. My heroes rode skateboards and played in metal bands howling out at the moon or playing high-speed guitar. I was the kid in the neighborhood that ruined Santa for your family and set that plant plot on your porch on fire. I came home with hamburger meat knees after fast hard falls and dropped from the tops of trees. I never would have thought back then that I would one day grow old and cut my hair.

Just stumbled on this latest single from fellow Texas resident RAFT titled Cut My Hair and it is a fun playful pop single with a simple yet catchy drum beat that will have you hooked in before the vocals even play. Speaking of those lyrics they are quite addictive as they are slightly hazed and rise to a falsetto in just the right places. It is short, sweet, easy to like and available free through RAFT’s Bandcamp which also has three previous singles all worth hearing. Sample Cut My Hair here and head over for a bit more if this is your introduction to RAFT.

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