It was Isaac that came from the fields to tell the colony that he had found a trail of blood leading into the woods. The men gathered together the few weapons we had stored away to protect ourselves from invaders and set out. They knew that it was John that was missing and so did I. He had been sneaking out the night before to walk and hold hands with Jenny. They liked to stand in the snow together until they became cold enough to wind up in an embrace. Jenny had come back early afraid that they would be found. John was now no more than a blood trail leading into the woods at the end of a set of tracks made by wolf feet.

Mikey Sanders of Blackbird Blackbird and his friend Austin Wood have cooked up a three track EP of singles that revolve around an acoustic guitar and a campfire sing along. This is not the highly electronic sort of project you might expect from Mikey featuring him strumming and picking this time around. The three tracks have a nice variety with the opener being a solid pop affair, a second track that is energetic and howling, and a closer that is full on open highway driving folk that spirals into the psychedelic realm. You can currently pick up the EP through their Bandcamp and there is also a Tumblr set up as well as videos for both Dead Hand and Infinity Projector for your viewing pleasure.

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