When there is snow on the ground and I am left cold and alone I attempt to picture myself drinking on a beach in the sun.  Inside I am warm and relaxed as I lounge in my imaginary sun taking in those rays next to you. We rise up into the sinking sun and head off to take in the nightlife together. Deep rhythms play and our bodies move together as one in time with the music. The heat builds as we dance to the music and we are able to forget that outside of this dream is a winter full of dark skies and desperation. Everything feels warm and comforting when I think about this paradise with you.

Hot on the heels of the Murder & Snow tracks that I posted the other day comes this sultry smoker from Felix Snow under the name Paradise. It has a bit of a darker feel to it then the previous two tracks being a slice of spaced out dance music perfect for a listen alone. The male and female vocals play well off of each other over the throbbing beat like two hands reaching out for each other in the dark. There has also been an official video for the track released directed by the female voice in the song Nadine Platzek that you can view here. I’m interested in what the two will do next as their voices make a great unison over this sort of relaxed slow burning electronic music. Have a listen here to the self titled single and wait along with me for more.

Paradise – Paradise

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